Generate Wealth from Waste

Wizzard Worms is an established South African company supplying customers with:-

  • Worms and a selection of Worm farms for domestic and commercial purposes
  • Advice on large and small scale worm farms and farming.
  • Insight into the economics of worm farming.
  • Suitable worm farms for specific purposes such as Stable horse manure and Kennel dog pooh
  • Practical advice for NGO's and community gardens.
  • Doggy Pooh worm farms.
  • Built-in Garden and Trough Worm farms.
  • Advice to horticulturists and tunnel owners on how worm farming can be incorporated into their operation.
  • Consultancy when applicable.

  • Vermiculture and the use of earthworms and their products (vermicompost or worm castings and vermileachate or worm wee) has increased markedly in recent years. This is because of the move towards organic farming and vegetable gardening, and the worldwide need to recycle organic waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Vermiculture and the use of worm farms assists home and community gardeners, horticulturists, businesses and farmers to reduce their organic waste to products invaluable in composting and soil fertility. It also diverts waste away from landfill sites, so reducing pollution. Producing vermicompost reduces the need for expensive fertilisers, delivers a cleaner and greener environment and saves money. It generates wealth from waste!

    As a company Wizzard Worms guarantees the effectiveness of our products and services. We will assist all our clients to save money and increase their crop yields and beautify their gardens.

    Further the worm wee has been found to inhibit some insects and improve plant resistance to some deseases..
    Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.


    What is Worm Wee?

    Worm Wee is a slang name for the liquid that is produced when worms work on organic matter.

    Worm Wee contains most of the vital nutrients your plants need for optimal growth. It is an outstanding tonic to feed and revitalise your garden, vegetable patch or farm!


    What are Worm Casts?

    Worm casts are the result when compost or organic matter has been digested and worked by worms.


        Using Worm Wee


    For the Garden

    Dilute 20 parts water to 1 part Worm Wee and apply (using a sprayer bottle or watering can) around the base of your plants or apply as a foliar feed.


    For Pot Plants

    Dilute 10 parts water to 1 part Worm Wee and apply around the base of your plants.
    Planting Season
    * Recycle organic waste * Produce your own organic fertiliser * Save money * Farm and garden organically
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